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zipForm Plus






1. Important Reminder: NJ Realtors® now offers free online forms and unlimited e-signatures to members via zipForm®.

Beginning January 1, 2016, transactions on Form Simplicity can no longer be started or edited.

Online Forms by zipForm Plus


2. Have you made the switch? Start using NJ Realtors® new online forms partner, zipForm®, today!

Online Forms by zipForm Plus


3. To coincide with NAR’s national partnership, NJ Realtors® has made the transition to providing online forms via zipForm®. Transactions can no longer be started or edits through Form Simplicity.

Online Forms by zipForm Plus


4. If you previously used NJ Realtors® online forms through Form Simplicity, please remember to download and save your transactions before Feb. 28, 2016, or you risk losing them.

Here’s a quick guide to get started:


5. Start using zipForm® today! All of the NJ Realtors® forms you’re familiar with are still available — and now all members receive unlimited e-signatures, too.

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