Continuing Education FAQ

Below you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about continuing education. However, should you have additional questions that are not found on this page, contact the Education Department at 609-341-7100.

Continuing Education Requirements

What happens if I do not complete my CE by June 30, 2025?

A: You will not be able to renew your license and it will expire. You must then complete the CE requirements, complete the process for reinstatement, and pay the necessary fees.


Can I complete all my CE hours on core topics?

A: Yes. 12 hours of CE on core topics will satisfy the requirement, so long as two of those hours are in the ethics topic area and one of those hours is in the fair housing topic area.


I just received my salesperson’s license; do I need CE in the 2025 licensing cycle?

A: Any individual licensed after June 30, 2024 does not need to complete CE for the 2025 Term.


Will I get credit for taking a broker pre-licensure education course?

A: Yes. Any person who completes a broker course within the licensing term is deemed to have fulfilled the CE requirement for the term in which the broker course was completed.


Do referral agents need to complete CE?

A: No. Licensed referral agents are not required to complete CE. However, they will be required to complete CE in order to change their license type to that of a salesperson, broker-salesperson or individual broker.


 If I take more than 12 CE credits, do they carry over into the next licensing cycle?

A: No. Credits are only valid for the term in which they are taken.


Can the same CE course be taken more than once during a CE term?

A: No. Duplicate course credits will not be applied toward your final credits if taken in the same term.


NJ Realtors® ACE

What is NJ Realtors® ACE?

A: NJ Realtors® ACE is the association’s Academy of Continuing Education. NJ Realtors® ACE is an internet-based program to help you search, register for, and manage your continuing education credits.


What are my options for course delivery?

A: There are a number of online, self-paced courses available, in addition to live, in-person classes and webinars hosted by participating local boards/associations.


How do I see the list of classes offered by my Local Board/Association?

A: If your local board/association is participating in NJ Realtors® ACE, you will see all of the classes they are hosting in the course catalog by clicking ‘Course Registration.’ If your local board/association does not participate in NJ Realtors® ACE, you will only see courses offered by NJ Realtors® and would need to contact your local board/association directly or visit their website for a list of available courses. You may also check the NJ Realtors® calendar for a list of local board/association events.


How do I login to NJ Realtors® ACE?

A: Click here or visit Enter your email address and password (the same as for If this is your first time logging in please use the “New Member Account Setup” feature found below the password box.


Is my browser compatible to take an online course?

A: All current desktop browsers are compatible with NJ Realtors®’ online courses, but an advanced browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, works best with the online platform. If you have not done so already, make sure your browser version is up-to-date.


How do I enroll in a course?

A: To enroll in a course, select ‘Course Registration’ to see the course catalog. Then click ‘Add to Cart’ found below the price of the course you wish to enroll in and complete your transaction.


How much do courses cost?

A: NJ Realtors® offers online courses for $10.50 each. Cost of live, in-person classes are set by the class provider and will vary. In addition, NJ Realtors® offers three free courses, which can all be found under the course catalog:
  • Avoiding the Unauthorized Practice of Law (C20160450)
  • Complying with the Fair Housing Act (C20160453)
  • Realtor® Code of Ethics (C20160494);  This course also satisfies your mandatory requirement with the National Association of Realtors®


How soon will I receive my online course?

A: When you enroll in any online CE course, you will immediately have access to the online course within the ‘My Enrollments’ section, found on the homepage of your NJ Realtors® ACE account.


How long after I enroll do I have to finish my course?

A: From the date of enrollment, you have 90 days to access and complete the course.


Do the online courses have required exams?

A: Most online courses have quizzes at the unit level. The unit quizzes are all geared to teach mastery of the material, so you may take them as many times as needed in order to achieve a passing score. For the Realtor® Code of Ethics Course, you will need to pass the required final exam with a minimum score of 76. You will have multiple chances to review the course material in order to take and pass the exam.


How do I view/print my certificates of completion?

A: Certificates of completion will be available for all classes you have taken on NJ Realtors® ACE, at the Realtors® Triple Play Convention and Trade Expo, or at your local board/association (if they participate with NJ Realtors® ACE). From your NJ Realtors® ACE account homepage, click on your name, found in the upper right-hand corner, and from the menu click on ‘My Certificates.’


How do my credits get reported to the New Jersey Real Estate Commission?

A: NJ Realtors® automatically reports all credits to PSI Exams, the New Jersey Real Estate Commission’s online CE tracking system.


Why can’t I click ‘Next’ to continue with my course?

A: Our online courses are timed to ensure that you have spent a minimum amount of time in the course, as mandated by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission. Only when the timer at the bottom of the page reaches zero, will you be able to click ‘Next’ and continue with the course.


What is PSI Exams?

A: PSI Exams is the New Jersey Real Estate Commission’s online CE tracking system. In addition to tracking all of your CE credits, including those taken on NJ Realtors® ACE, you can also search for approved providers and courses.


How do I login to the PSI website?

A: Visit PSI on the web. Your initial password is “L” plus your License Reference Number plus the last 4 digits of your SSN (ex: L00100019999). If you require assistance logging in, please contact PSI directly at or 877-526-6833.


When do my credits get reported to the New Jersey Real Estate Commission?

A: Normally credits are reported to PSI several times per week. Due to the volume of credits to be verified and reported for the Realtor® Triple Play Convention & Trade Expo, it may take several weeks following the convention for all credits to be reported to PSI.


What if my credits are not showing up on the PSI website?

A: It may take two to four business days after NJ Realtors® has reported your credits for them to be posted to your PSI account. If after waiting this time, your credits still do not appear, please contact us at