New Jersey Realtors & COVID-19

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*Revised as of 8/12/21


*Revised as of 5/22/20.


UI: Unemployment Insurance a.k.a. “regular unemployment” —this is a state benefit administered based on W-2 wages and is not available to independent contractors.

PUA: Pandemic Unemployment Assistance—this is expanded “unemployment” from the federal government. It includes compensation for independent contractors, who are usually excluded from unemployment benefits.
PUC: Pandemic Unemployment Compensation is an additional $600/week benefit on top of UI or PUA. This will be distributed automatically after you qualify for UI or PUA. You do not need to apply for PUC, there is no separate application.

DOL: New Jersey Department of Labor



Maximum benefit for UI/PUA is $713/week

Maximum length of benefits is 39 weeks.

PUC benefit is (up to) $600/week.


*Revised as of 4/28/20.

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Association & Industry Updates

State Government

  • NJREC will allow for online pre-licensure classes
  • New fire code inspection guidelines released
  • Guidelines for appraisals
  • On March 30, the Governor announced an update to Executive Order 107 allow real estate agents to show houses on a 1-on-1 basis, with a prohibition on open houses. Additional guidance to follow. Gov. Murphy issued Executive Order 107 on Saturday, March 21, effectively shuttering all non-essential businesses and asking New Jerseyans to stay home.
  • We have recommended the following courses of action to reduce the delay and or halting of real estate transactions. 
    • Fire Inspections: to waive, suspend, or modify CSACMAPFEC inspections and procedures for obtaining a Certificate of Smoke Alarm, Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Portable Fire Extinguisher Compliance (CSACMAPFEC) required under N.J.A.C 5:70-2.3(a).
  • Certificates of Occupancy: we are working to suspend or modify the requirements for Certificates of Occupancy, including the suggestion that these inspections be done "virtually"
    • Deed recordings and title searches: we are aware that many counties have online databases, however, we are working to determine what can be done in counties that do not yet have these capabilities.
  • Per Gov. Murphy's office, there is a moratorium on evictions during the ongoing pandemic. 
  • New Jersey EDA announces grant and loan programs
  • New Jersey Housing Mortgage and Finance Agency