Core Standards

Core Standards Certification Resources for AEs


Submit Core Standards by Oct. 31

Ahead of the National Association of Realtor® deadline for submission of core standards, we ask that all local associations and boards submit to us, New Jersey Realtors®, by Oct. 31. With this extra time we can work to correct any deficiencies.




Vote, Act, invest Requirement 

We’ve received a lot of questions about the new Vote, Act, Invest section of the certification form.

Click here for the Realtor® Party Resource guide, which is a great source of information, examples and qualifying activities and programs for use in attaining compliance.

Programs marked with a V indicate they may qualify under the Vote section; programs with an A indicate they may qualify under the Act section; and programs marked with an I indicate they may qualify under the Invest section. Some programs may qualify for multiple sections and are marked with a V, A and/or I.




Events & Deadlines

A reminder of upcoming events for the remainder of 2017.

Nov. 3-7

Realtors® Conference & Expo

Dec. 4-7

Triple Play Realtor® Convention &Trade Expo

Dec. 8

RPAC 2017 end of the year deadline





All your Core Standards questions can be directed to:

Mary Pilaar — | 609-341-7119

Ashley Wordell — | 609-341-7105