Local boards/associations of Realtors® may request PAC-Share funds to help support municipal and county level candidates who support their position on real estate-related issues. Funds may be requested for both primary and general elections. Candidates include county freeholder, mayor, town council member, and school board members. PAC-Share is funded through a portion of RPAC contributions.

The maximum amount allowed per request is $1,000. If your board/association would like to request PAC-Share funds in excess of $1,000, the request must be brought before the RPAC of New Jersey trustees for final approval. PAC-Share credits each participating board/association with 20 percent of all RPAC contributions collected until the established board goal has been obtained, and then 30 percent of the over-goal excess. Only two years of PAC-Share funds can accumulate in a board’s/association’s account.

To secure PAC-Share funds, a local board/association, by majority action of its governing body, must submit a PAC-Share request form to the RPAC Trustee in its region as well as to NJ Realtors®.

For more information about PAC-Share, contact Bruce Shapiro, Director of RPAC and Regulatory Affairs, at 609-341-7113.