Jarrod C. Grasso, RCE 
Chief Executive Officer

T: 609-341-7107

Martha Chanese 
Chief Operations Officer
T: 609-341-7117

  • Staff liaison to Budget and Finance Committee
  • Staff liaison to Insurance Committee
  • Association accounting
  • Educational Foundation accounting
  • NJ Realtors® Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee accounting
  • NJ Realtors® Housing Opportunity Foundation, Inc. accounting
  • NJ Realtors® Governmental Research Foundation accounting
  • Executive Officers coordinator
  • Membership

Jennifer Alexander
Executive Services Coordinator
T: 609-341-7125

  • CEO and Leadership Team Communications and Scheduling
  • Staff liaison to Board of Directors
  • Staff liaison to Executive Committee
  • Staff liaison to NAR Directors
  • Staff liaison to Nominating Committee
  • Staff liaison to Past Presidents
  • Assists with NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence Sales Award®
  • Assists with Special Projects and Events

Catherine Best
Deputy Director of Government Affairs
T: 609-341-7109

  • Liaison on local issues and regulatory affairs
  • Legislative researcher
  • Assists in lobbying in Trenton on state issues
  • New Jersey Coalition of Real Estate Independent Expenditures
  • My Realtor® Party

Christina Gordillo Farrell
Legislative and PAC Manager
T: 609-341-7108

  • Federal political coordinator
  • Liaison on local, state and federal issues
  • Assists in lobbying in Trenton on state issues
  • Realtors® Political Action Committee
  • Legislative researcher
  • My Realtor® Party

Stephanie Forrest
Legislative and Community Affairs Coordinator
T: 609-341-7102

  • Liaison on Local and State issues
  • Assists in lobbying in Trenton on state issues
  • Legislative researcher
  • My Realtor® Party

Peggy Joseph

Membership Coordinator
T: 609-341-7103

  • Membership database
  • Member inquiries
  • Dues payments
  • New Jersey REALTOR® magazine subscriptions

Quentin Leonard
Technology Coordinator
T: 609-341-7111

  • NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence Application Developer
  • NJ Realtors® Online Meeting Center
  • NJ Realtors® Online Who’s Who Directory
  • NJ Realtors® Online RPAC Auctions
  • Website Development & Maintenance
  • Membership e-mailing operations & management
  • Organization CRM administrator & developer

Maureen Murphy, CMP
Director of Professional Development
T: 609-341-7124

  • Staff liaison to Continuing Education Committee
  • Staff liaison to Convention Committee
  • Realtors® Triple Play Convention & Trade Expo
  • NJ Realtors® Academy of Continuing Education program
  • Designation courses

Colleen King Oliver
Deputy Director of Communications
T: 609-341-7115

  • Staff liaison to NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence® Committee
  • Website content
  • NJ Realtors® Good Neighbor Award
  • Realtor® & Realtor-Associate® of the Year Awards
  • New Jersey REALTOR® Magazine
  • Public Relations

Mary Pilaar
Director of Special Projects and Events
T: 609-341-7119

  • Staff liaison to Strategic Planning Committee
  • Triple Play exhibitors liaison
  • Triple Play Website development & design
  • Leadership seminar
  • Building PAG
  • Organizational alignment

Allison Rosen
Director of Communications
T: 609-341-7130

  • Public Relations
  • Consumer Advertising
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Website Content
  • New Jersey REALTOR® magazine
  • Monthly Housing Market Statistics
  • NJ Realtors® trade show booth
  • Staff liaison to Member Perks Program Committee
  • Staff liaison to Communications and Public Relations Committee
  • Staff liaison to NJ Realtors® Housing Opportunity Foundation

Bruce Shapiro

Local Government and Regulatory Affairs Manager
T: 609-341-7113

  • Staff liaison to Political Affairs Committee
  • Staff liaison to NJ Realtors® Governmental Research Foundation
  • Staff liaison to Issues Mobilization Fund
  • Liaison on local issues and regulatory affairs
  • Legislative researcher
  • Assists in lobbying in Trenton on state issues
  • My Realtor® Party

John Shehata
Director of Technology
T: 609-341-7114

  • Local Board Technology Liaison
  • NJ Realtors® Online Forms & Training
  • Cloud Infrastructure Manager
  • Disaster Planning & Recovery Operations
  • Audio/Visual Technology Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Telecommunications

Kristi Starrick
Continuing Education Coordinator
T: 609-341-7121

  • NJ Realtors® Academy of Continuing Education support
  • Staff liaison to Education Partnership Grant Program
  • Local Board education and program support
  • Realtors® Triple Play Convention & Expo credit processing

William Thompson
Education Technology Coordinator
T: 609-341-7122

  • NJ Realtors® Academy of Continuing Education website development & maintenance
  • Online course development
  • Local Board education & program support
  • Realtors® Triple Play Convention & Trade Expo credit processing

Amanda Thorogood
Marketing Coordinator
T: 609-341-7106

  • Website content
  • Social media
  • Trade show booth coordinator
  • Marketing collateral
  • Consumer advertising
  • Weekly emails
  • Who’s Who directory

Teresa Tilton
Director of Member Services
T: 609-341-7118

  • Staff liaison to Cultural Diversity and Equal Opportunity Committee
  • Staff liaison Legal Affairs Committee
  • Staff liaison to Professional Standards Committee
  • Staff liaison to Risk Management/License Law Committee
  • NJ Realtors® online forms
  • Bylaws Committee
  • Realtor® Relief Response Team

Douglas M. Tomson 
Director of Government Affairs

T: 609-341-7120

  • Staff liaison to Legislative Committee
  • Lobbyist in Trenton on state and regulatory Issues
  • Federal issues
  • Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee
  • Realtors® Political Action Committee
  • NJ Realtors® Governmental Research Foundation
  • My Realtor® Party

Karen Truncale 
Member Services Coordinator

T: 609-341-7112

  • Realtor® Emeritus Program
  • Quarter Century Club
  • Equal Opportunity/Cultural Diversity programs

Ashley Wordell
Education Coordinator
T: 609-341-7105

  • NJ Realtors® Educational Foundation
  • NJ Realtors® Leadership Program
  • Professional Standards Education program
  • Professional Standards complaints
  • NJ Realtors® Academy of Continuing Education support