NJ Realtors® Weekly—May 22

Published May 22, 2024

Top Story of the Week

The Governor is Coming to Trenton Day

Join New Jersey Realtors® for its advocacy event, Realtors® Day in Trenton, and hear from Gov. Murphy. Since taking office in 2018, New Jersey has made strides in growing the state’s economy and creating new economic opportunities while shrinking longstanding inequities, restoring fiscal responsibility to state government while expanding critical investments, and delivering real tax fairness and relief, including 14 tax cuts for New Jersey’s middle class and seniors.

Hear from the governor and other key decision-makers about vital New Jersey homeownership initiatives on June 6. Tickets are $15 and include breakfast and shuttle bus service to and from NJ Realtors® Headquarters to the Historic Trenton Masonic Temple.

Click here to register.


Being a Member Has its Perks

Catch A Somerset Patriots Game with HOF

New Jersey Realtors® Housing Opportunity Foundation is counting the days until its Somerset Patriots fundraiser on June 20. Bring your family and friends along and enjoy one of the best fireworks shows in the state, cheer on the Somerset Patriots, and support HOF's affordable and safe housing initiative. We'll see you at the ballfield.

Tickets are $12 and $5 of each ticket is considered a charitable contribution. Purchase here.


New Behavioral Psychology Workshops for Realtors®

Join the Center for Realtor® Development for its workshop series with Psychologist Dr. Joy Lere to boost your skills in emotional intelligence, storytelling, and well-being. Designed to equip you with invaluable tools, complete all three to stand out in today's competitive market. Click here to register.


State of the State

New Jersey Realtors® Makes Waves for Enhanced Consumer Protections

This week The Real Estate Consumer Protection Act, Bill S3192, passed in the New Jersey Senate. The bill, which New Jersey Realtors® helped craft with the bill sponsors, will mandate the use of the seller's property condition disclosure statement, disclosure of representation at open houses, allow for designated agency, and mandate buyer agency agreements.

The bill will now go to the General Assembly floor. Learn more.