Congratulations 2023 Good Neighbor Award Winners

Published Dec 05, 2023

New Jersey Realtors® awarded three incredible Realtor® volunteers with the 2023 NJ Realtors® Good Neighbor Awards at the Triple Play Realtor® Convention & Trade Expo during New Jersey Realtors® annual awards ceremony.


The award recognizes Realtors® who have made an extraordinary commitment to community service on the local, national and/or global level. Candidates are judged based on their contribution, the impact of their work, and their leadership skills. Winners receive a grant of $2,500 for first place, $1,500 for second place, and $1,000 for third place for a charity organization in their name.

Denise Horneck—First Place

$2,500 for the Colts Neck First Aid Squad

Denise Horneck, a Monmouth Ocean Regional Realtors® member, has earned the 2023 New Jersey Realtors® Good Neighbor Award for her remarkable 13-year commitment to the Colts Neck First Aid Squad and the broader community.


In addition to her role as an Emergency Medical Technician, Denise serves as the Cadet Advisor, providing essential guidance and training to cadets aged 15 to 18, preparing them for first aid calls. Under her mentorship, the squad recently excelled in a cadet competition, showcasing the impact of her leadership. Denise responds to an average of 300-400 calls annually, day or night, displaying unwavering commitment, even during the COVID-19 pandemic when protective equipment was scarce.


Her contributions extend beyond emergency response. The Colts Neck First Aid Squad actively participates in various community activities, from trash pick-ups to standby services for events and natural disasters. She provides comfort and familiarity to those in distress, making a meaningful impact on her community. Denise Horneck’s enduring commitment and the breadth of her volunteerism exemplify the core values of the Realtor® spirit, making Colts Neck a safer and more compassionate place to call home.


Justin Bosak—Second Place

$1,500 for the Toms River Field of Dreams


Justin Bosak, a dedicated member of Monmouth Ocean Regional Realtors®, is a recipient of the 2023 New Jersey Realtors® Good Neighbor Award for his outstanding commitment to the Field of Dreams project. This innovative facility provides a safe and inclusive space for individuals with special needs.


Justin’s son, Julio, diagnosed with autism, faced challenges navigating standard playgrounds, and inspired the cause. Justin worked tirelessly planning fundraisers and working with business partners to secure funding to make the inclusive playground a reality. The Field of Dreams expanded to include a playground, basketball court, bocce ball, mini-golf course, and other amenities. The project has had a profound impact on the special needs community, with over 1,500 families registered to date. The facility hosts various special needs sports events and serves as a model for similar spaces nationwide.


Carolyn Bardach—Third Place

$1,000 for Jersey Battered Women's Service


Carolyn Bardach, a member of the North Central Jersey Association of Realtors®, is a recipient of the 2023 New Jersey Realtors® Good Neighbor Award, acknowledging her unwavering dedication to domestic violence prevention. Carolyn’s journey as a domestic violence advocate began years ago, driven by personal experiences. Her involvement is ongoing, as domestic violence is a daily concern that requires immediate action.


Carolyn actively participates in various events throughout the year to raise awareness and vital funds for domestic violence victims. The impact of Carolyn’s work on the individuals she serves is immeasurable. During crisis response calls, she offers personal counseling, guiding victims toward safety and a better life, empowering them with safety plans for their journey forward. Carolyn’s work has created a safer, more supportive environment for all those impacted by domestic violence, including residents of Morris County and neighboring areas.