NJ Realtors® Weekly—Nov. 8

Published Nov 13, 2023

NJ Realtors® Weekly—Nov. 8

Top Story of the Month

NJ Realtors® to Host Webinar on NAR Antitrust Lawsuit

Last week, in the antitrust lawsuit of Burnett v. the National Association of Realtors®, et al, the jury found NAR and other defendants liable. It is vital you know the case is far from over.

Join us virtually on Nov. 21 at 10 a.m. as New Jersey Realtors® CEO Jarrod Grasso, Chief Legal Counsel Barry Goodman, and General Counsel Yuliya Tedeschi discuss the case, what it means for real estate in New Jersey, what we're doing to protect Realtor® businesses, and how we're advocating for consumers. Register here.


Being a Member Has its Perks

Now's Your Chance to Save on Insurance

New Jersey Realtors® Members Perks Partner NJ Agent Benefits can help you protect yourself and your family.

Here are five things you need to know about how you can save and enroll.

  1. Dental insurance starts at $25 a month
  2. Vision insurance starts at $18 a month
  3. No open enrollment times
  4. Easy access to disability insurance
  5. Easy quoting and shopping for home, auto, rental, and condo insurance

Learn more here. 


State of the State

General Election Recap

Yesterday New Jersey voters headed to the polls to vote in elections for the State Legislature, county, and local races. In the races for all 120 seats in the State Legislature, the Democrats will retain control of both the Assembly and Senate, gaining five seats in the Assembly, where the new makeup will be 51 Democrats and 29 Republicans.

In the Senate, the makeup will remain the same, with 25 Democrats and 15 Republicans. New Jersey Realtors® will begin building relationships with the new Assembly members and Senators while also monitoring the issues that may arise in the final two months of the current legislative session before the new one begins in January.