NJ Realtors® Weekly–July 19

Published Jul 19, 2023

NJ Realtors® Weekly–July 19

Top Story of the Week

Showing Support for NFIP Reauthorization

Last week, NJ Realtors® 2023 Immediate Past President Robert White represented our more than 61,000 members at an event hosted by Sen. Menendez and Sen. Pallone when they announced a plan to obtain a long-term reauthorization plan for the National Flood Insurance Program.

We applaud their continued efforts to protect policyholders across the state from the unintended consequences of Risk Rating 2.0. Click here to watch White in action.

Robert White, Rep. Frank Pallone, Christina Banasiak, and Ilene Horowitz










Being a Member Has its Perks

Save on Tickets to See Barbie and Oppenheimer in Theatres

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State of the State

Discover Trends and Insights from Foreign Buyer Transactions

In a recent webinar from the National Association of Realtors®, NAR's research team dives into the potential impacts of state legislation banning foreign buyers from purchasing property. They provide insights into foreign buying trends, legal considerations, and Realtor® experiences with foreign buyer transactions. Watch the webinar here.