NJ Realtors® Weekly–Feb. 1

Published Feb 01, 2023

NJ Realtors® Weekly—Feb. 1

Top Story of the Week

Congratulations 2022 New Jersey Realtors® Circle of Excellence Sales Award® Winners

If you're a recipient of New Jersey Realtors® 2022 Circle of Excellence Sales Award®, please check your inbox for information regarding advertising rules and promotional materials.

Three Ways to Promote Your Award

  1. Make an announcement on your social media channels. Consider recording an Instagram story, adding your achievement to your profile or page, or writing up a post on LinkedIn.
  2. Add the 2022 NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence Sales Award® logo to your business card. Follow this guide if you're creating a new business card in 2023.
  3. Include your achievement in everyday communications such as your email signature, realtor.com® profile, or when showcasing why potential clients should use you as their Realtor®.

Being a Member Has its Perks

Fighting Hunger Initiative Update

As part of the New Jersey Realtors® Fighting Hunger Initiative, the Sussex County Association of Realtors® conducted a “weekend bag” food drive. It provides students who typically receive free or reduced meals at school with easy-to-make food to eat over the weekends and holiday breaks.

Interested in supporting the Fighting Hunger Initiative? Click here to learn more.


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