Realtors® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo

Published Apr 20, 2016

Each May, approximately 10,000 Realtors® from across the country attend the Realtor® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington, D.C.  The annual mid-year meeting is a great opportunity for members to take an active role in the real estate industry, learn about public policy and get to know the association better.


This years meetings run May 9 – 14, and Realtors® are encouraged to attend for special issues forums, committee meetings, legislative events, and the industry trade show.


Your volunteer leadership team here at NJ Realtors® has already been laying the groundwork with our congressional members and senators to make sure the topics and issues we are advocating at these meetings become a reality. They, along with CEO Jarrod Grasso, spent a few days in March on capitol hill discussing various real estate issues with members of congress.  Some of the issues discussed were:

  • FHA and HR3700
  • Tax Reform and Preserving 1031 Like-kind Exchanges
  • Not Using G-fees to fund non-housing parts of budget
  • Flood Insurance reform
  • Patent reform


All of these issues have been discussed in the past with our national leaders but this year, with the heat of the presidential race closing in on D.C., they carry extra value.


You can click here to register for the meetings and to learn about the opportunities available to you during your stay.