The FCC’s Net Neutrality Vote

Published Mar 04, 2015

business-man-hands-show-internetOn February 26, the FCC voted on and approved a new set of net neutrality rules focused on prohibiting Internet providers from blocking websites they don’t like or selling faster traffic speeds to companies. The regulations that broadband Internet providers will now face as a result of the ruling mimic many of the regulations the federal government imposes on telephone companies.


From a REALTOR® standpoint, NAR has actively supported legislative and regulatory efforts to ensure that Internet providers obey net neutrality practices. A NAR Issue Summary on the topic points out that net neutral practices are essential to ensure that REALTOR®-related content may be freely and efficiently distributed online. The business of real estate is increasingly conducted on-line, the summary explains, citing streaming video, virtual tours, and VoIP as some of the vital technologies used commonly by real estate professionals.