Realtors® Property Resource

RPR LogoWhat is RPR?


Realtors® Property Resource (RPR) is another powerful data tool to obtain insight into how to grow your business. In addition to our no-cost monthly housing market statistics, members can use RPR, available exclusively to Realtors®, to find powerful property or neighborhood data when working with clients interested in residential and/or commercial properties. Through webinars and other resources, Realtors® have the data they need to better conduct business.

RPR offers residential and commercial agents, brokers, and appraisers with in-depth property data sets ranging from tax and mortgage history, to listings, sales, valuations, demographics, psychographics, and school information, to name just a few. It is easily accessed through desktop, iOS and Android devices,

  • Research hundreds of datasets on over 160 million properties
  • Access the entire RPR platform via desktop, iOS and Android devices
  • Create winning listing presentations
  • Calculate the ROI for home improvements
  • Use the exclusive Realtor Valuation Model® in pricing discussions
  • Refine the value of a home when conducting a comps analysis
  • Build a comprehensive relocation packet
  • Create customized, client-friendly reports from any handheld or desktop device 



How Can I Learn More?

Start your journey to success by visiting RPR’s learning center or by visiting their site to get registered or signing up for webinars. And, don’t forget to install RPR Mobile™ for anytime, anywhere access.