RPAC Calculator

RPAC is the voice of REALTORS® on a local, state and national level. It is the only political group in New Jersey and the nation organized for and run by REALTORS® that exists solely to further issues important to REALTORS®, private property owners and the real estate market.

Use the calculators below to see the savings awarded through RPAC championed legislation. At the bottom, you'll see the grand total.
  • Private Transfer Fee Calculator
    Amount a homebuyer saves on the sales price of an NJ home because RPAC blocked private transfer fees.
    Sale Price ($)Transfer Fee RateSavings
    $364,009 - 2014 year-end average sales price
    x 1% =
  • Tax on Sales Commissions
    Annual amount saved in sales taxes on commissions. Enter annual commissions earnings to get the amount.
    The tax on sales commission would have been in addition to income tax already paid on the commission.
    Annual Commissions ($)NJ Sales TaxSavings
    $ x 7% =
  • Sign Ordinances
    Amount REALTORS® save in fines that could be imposed on them for displaying signs (i.e. open house, for sale).
    Depending on the municipality, fines can range from $250 to $1,000 per sign, and other penalties may apply for multiple offenses.
    Sign Fee ($)# of SignsSavings
    $ x =
  • Mortgage Interest Deduction
    Amount the average taxpayer saves in taxes as a result of the MID.

    Enter an annual MID claim and select a marginal income tax bracket to see the amount saved.
    Annual MID ClaimMarginal Income Tax RateSavings
    10% 15%
    25% 28%
    33% 35%
Total Savings