Property Maintenance

Keeping houses up to code is necessary to make sure property values stay on the up-and-up.

In 2008, Franklin Township put an ordinance up for a vote that would have required a cost for properties being sold to be inspected and obtain a Certificate of Continued Building Compliance before a sale would be finalized. The unnecessary financial burden, as well as increased time it would take to close on a property, would have had a negative impact on the real estate industry.

NJ Realtors® and the CORE Association of Realtors® argued against this and, ultimately, the council tabled the ordinance.

Afterwards, in 2009, a revision to the property maintenance code was amended thanks to efforts from NJ Realtors® and H/SAR, which exempted residential properties from having to obtain the above certificate upon transfer and nonresidential properties were relieved from this burden until 2010.