Certificate of Occupancy


Utilizing funds from the Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee, local Realtors® were able to reach out to town residents and officials regarding a proposed increase in certificate of occupancy fees and alteration/renovation permit fees. Fearing the implementation of this would be a disincentive for improvements of properties, the association reached out by distributing flyers and urging residents to attend key meetings.

NJ Realtors® and local members testified before the town council and the onerous increase was not adopted into law.


Perth Amboy

When the increase in certificates of approval, fire inspection and code compliance was adopted in 2012, NJ Realtors® and the Middlesex County Association of Realtors® advocated for the huge increases to at least be spread out over a period of time.

In response to our advocacy efforts, the council adopted an ordinance that created a three-year phase-in plane of all of the fee increases.