• 10/15
    Let's TALK...Pre Qualified vs Pre Approved
    Greater Bergen REALTORS®
    DATE Oct. 15
    TIME 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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    In this class, agents will learn the difference between the two, how they affect a buyer’s negotiating power, and how they compete against other offers when presented to sellers. We will go through the process of a Pre-Approval, so agents are educated on the importance (and ease!) of having their buyers obtain pre-approvals through our loan officers. Learn the basics of how loan officers evaluate customers. Have they pulled credit? Have they reviewed income documents? The loan officer is not a underwriter, no matter how much they think they are. Sometimes the Pre-Approval is actually a Pre-Qualification in disguise. Protect your listings and protect your clients from misleading information. Have you ever heard of DU or LP? They are the true pre-approval tests. If the deal is really “pre-approved” you should review these transactional underwriting findings with your loan officer. Learn how to make a properly structured pre-approval look just as good as a cash offer. If the deal truly was pre-approved, it’s almost as good as CLOSED! The process becomes much smoother and you will find yourself sitting at the closing table sooner than ever.

    Taught & Sponsored by: Norberto Maldonado, Crown Mortgage

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