CFA Explained

From time to time, the New Jersey Realtors® government affairs team reaches out to you, the member, and asks you to answer a Call for Action. We ask for Realtor®-assistance in completing a CFA when we feel there is a proposal that could significantly and positively impact Realtors® or if there is detrimental legislation that could damage the real estate industry. When a Call for Action goes out we ask that as many Realtors® as possible send a pre-written letter to the inbox of the appropriate legislator.


We’ve heard from many members who’ve wondered “What happens after I complete the CFA?” In addition to the article that appears in the Jan/Feb issue of New Jersey REALTOR® magazine, government affairs director, Doug Tomson, and deputy director of government affairs, Catherine Best, have filmed the brief video below to further explain the impact you have when you click ‘send’.