RPR Commercial Webinar

Published Apr 21, 2016

2015_Commercial-Overview_desktop-1030x633Join us for a webinar on May 19, 2016 at 10 a.m.

RPR Commercial helps Realtors® generate persuasive, decision-making data and reports for all types of clients.


Do you have clients looking for the ultimate location for their business?


For Realtors® specializing in commercial properties, this webinar is a must!


Learn how the three core functions of RPR Commercial can help you provide all the information your clients demand

  • Search for and viewing property details.
  • Analyze data such as psychographic, demographic and spending information to truly understand the consumers in a given neighborhood.
  • Look at sales volumes via thematic maps and create an impressive report that summarizes all this amazing data.


RPR Commercial is your Realtor® benefit, already incorporated into your NAR dues, which truly makes it your one-stop-shop for comprehensive market data and analysis.