Taxbot Webinar: April 8, 2016

Published Mar 30, 2016
Fri. Apr 8th – 10:00am ET Register Now
Learn how to pay the least amount of taxes possible next year by doing a few simple things today. Most business owners or 1099 employees overpay their taxes between $1,000 – $13,000 each year (even when using a CPA).
Join former IRS Trainer and Best Selling Author Sandy Botkin for a free webinar and learn how you can give yourself that raise by keeping more of what you earn! You will learn:
How to get your gas for free
How to legally deduct your kids video games and ballet lessons
How to write off more of your meals and entertainment with special emphasis on maximizing business gift deducitons
Take a deeper look at the possible savings of your home office deduction
How technology has made it easy to become a tax savvy business owner
Fri. Apr 8th – 10:00am ET Register Now