The Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee is a fund available to local boards/associations of REALTORS® to help raise public awareness and support for issues important to the real estate industry in their community. IMPAC funds are used to promote or stop local ordinances or proposed governmental actions that could impact the rights of property owners and local REALTORS®.Dollars necessary to fund IMPAC are gathered strictly from a portion of membership dues. When local real estate-related issues arise, IMPAC funds allow local REALTORS® to reach out to local residents through public awareness campaigns. Through these campaigns, REALTORS® and residents can bring a strong, unified voice to local government officials on issues that could affect homeowners and the way REALTORS® do business.Local boards/associations have used IMPAC funds to:

  • Fight the development restriction of proposed rules containing onerous amendments to the Coastal Area Facilities Review Act
  • Alert the public to rental restrictions
  • Fight punitive changes in local rent control laws.
  • Battle sign ordinances
  • Develop campaigns to fight unreasonable certificate of occupancy requirements
  • Challenge mercantile license fees

Contact Bruce Shapiro at 732-494-4713 for more information or if there’s an issue you think NJ REALTORS® should become involved in.